5 Simple Rules For A Successful Black Friday

Ok, Black Friday is coming! So what? It’s another day when you spend money, only this time more.

If you tend to throw money at various things, more or less useful, you will surely do it and now only this time you will have the impression that everything is cheaper. Is that really so?

You know that many traders “inflate” the prices a bit before this period and then bring them back to the previous ones, and they present them to you as a product reduced by 30% or maybe even 70%. We do not generalize. Not everyone does this, but you have to be very careful about what and where you buy from.

Here are some important Black Friday rules:

  1. List everything you are going to buy. Very important: don’t deviate from that list. Respect her with holiness.
  2. Don’t shop on impulse. You may “wake up” with things you didn’t really need. Basically, you’re blocking some money in vain.
  3. If your budget is limited, differentiate between fad and necessity. Just get what you need now. The rest you can take whenever you have more money at your disposal. There will definitely be more discounts. You just have to watch them.
  4. Don’t “throw yourself” at the cheapest product! They may have some problems hidden behind a very low price. A factory defect or expiration date (where applicable) near expiration.
  5. If you have doubts about the merchant, product or even the courier company that brings you the package, request payment upon delivery. That’s how you make sure you’re spending money on something you’ve already received.

About these would be, from our point of view, the things you should take into account if you do not have too much money to spend on this Black Friday.